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   Netman(Persional Version) is a high security and user-friendly remote control software that is nat Nat accessible.It provides functions of having computers turned on and shouted down remotely, desktop sharing, mouse and keyboard controlling, video starting remotely, files and folders managing, instant message...Moreover, you can start your computer remotely when it’s needed; log it off when you finish remote working. Thus Netman is the safest remote control software over the world. 


    Netman(Enterprise Version) is mainly used in enterprise management. After acount landed in Netman(Enterprise Version),all your company's comupers are under your control without knowing their IP.It provides functions of screen sharing, mouse and keyboard controlling, video starting remotely,instant maessages, files and folders senting to your employees.Moreover,It provides start,shutdown in batchs function,which will improve your work efficiency remarkably.
    Our software,of Nat Nat accessible with UDP agreement ,helps you mange remotely wherever.While most other software can only be used in the same LAN or public network .
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