Netman Enterprise is mainly used in enterprise management. After the same account is logged in both the master terminal and slave terminal PCs, all your staff's PCs are under your control without knowing their IPs. It'll always do even in a bussiness trip. Netman Enterprise is needed in companies, chain stores, etc.

Functions of Netman Enterprise
 Screen Wall Multiple screens of your staff's are displayed on yours, so what they're doing at present is under your control. It could be used to monitor their work.

Video Wall

You can switch on more than one PC camera at the same time; the surroundings are under your eyes.

Batch Management You can shut down, restart or log off multiple computers at the same time to facilitate the unified management of your company.

Files Delivery

Delivering massive electronic files to the designated computers for saving company resources and your precious time.

Broadcast Transfer

You can send text message to more than one designated PC simultaneously, with a wide range of information release, and spread rapidly characteristics.

Remote Desktop The program allows you to use your mouse and keyboard to remotely control another PC freely. In addition, uploading and downloading files are supported, as well as taking pictures, making records of your partner's screen. It can be used for remote computer maintenance, technical support, etc.
Switching on Remote PC Camera

You can remotely rotate both vertically and horizontally with the rotatable camera. Text chat, voice and video communication are allowed, as well as record them.

Remote Process & Windows Management

Any operations can be done to the PC process and windows, such as ending and hiding them.


Screen Sharing:

  The user can see a remote desktop on his/her own screen and use the mouse and keyboard to remotely control the connected computer, as well as taking pictures...[more]
Files Management:
  With this function local files can be uploaded and downloaded from each other's PC. You can also remotely modify a file name, create a new folder, delete files, etc....[more]
Video Monitoring:
  You can remotely turn on the camera connected to your partner's PC with this function. That will enable you...[more]
Remote Start/Shutdown:
  With Netman Computer Starter (hardware), the only thing you need to do is to dial the phone connected to the computer, then it will be...[more]
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