1. How to establish connection betweeen two computers with Netman?

1. Run Netman program: Double Click on Netman icon to run the program.
2. Register: Click on the register button to get a member account for Netman.
3. Member Login:From the Options menu click on "Member login", then enter your member ID and the defualt login password 123456. After that you are asked to set a control password which is important.
4. Make sure that Netman has alslo been installed on the remote computer. Then finish the three steps metioned before in the remote computer.
5. Create a session: Fill the member ID in the RemoteIp text box, and the control password in the Password text box on right of the software interface. Then click on Connect, and then you can access and control the remote computer.
Note: Without registeration you can also create a session by inputing the ip and password of the other computer diaplayed on software interface, and the only difference is that every time you start the program the ip and the control password will change.

                                            Detailed Manual of Netman

2. How to establish connection with Netman Enterprise?

1. Netman Enterprise consists of two separate parts, the Client and the Server. The Client needs to be installed on the local computer, for example, your own computer. The Server needs to be installed on the remote computer, for example, your office computer or computers.
2. Free download Netman Enterprise and run Netman Enterprise V4.36.exe to install  the Client on the local computer, and the Server the remote computer(s).
3. Register at to get a 30-day free trial account.
4. Install the Server on remote PC/PCs and login the Server with the registered account.
5. Login the Client with the same account and you can see the remote pc/pcs by clicking the tab Online Computers.

                  Detailed Manual of the Client        Detailed Manual of the Server


3. Will my own computer be controlled when I use Netman?

It's understandable that you worry about the security of our software, but you really have no need to worry about it. To control you computer one must know your member ID and control password, while the control password is encrypted and saved in the local computer rather than our server. More, you can click Settings from Options menu and check off "Administration Rights Required" on "Security" tab, then others need to know the username and password of you system.


4.Where can i download the Server of Netman Enterprise?

You can find the package of NetmanServer in the installation directory of Netman Client. By default the the installation directory of NetmanClient is C:/Program files/ NetmanClient.

5. The ip and password of my Netman is dynamic, how can i get them fixed?

We do have a solution for this problem. Just click on the register button on the software interface. Then go to "Options" menu, select the second tab "Member Login" and login with the registered member ID.


6. I've reset a new hotkey, but it doesn't work.

You need to rerun the program to activate your new-set hotkey.


7. I've set auto login as "Option¡ªMember login¡ªremember me". Why does the program still log in automatically as a free user?

Please check if you've marked the option "member login" in "Settings¡ªNormal".


8. How to pop up my partner's explorer with the hot key "Ctrl+Alt+Del" ?

When you are in the view of your partner's desktop, right-click the small bottom on the top left corner, you will find a submenu "Ctrl+Alt+Del". Of course, it works only if your partner sets to start windows by service.


9. Where will my screenshot be saved?

It will be saved to the file name "screenphoto" under the same directory of the program.


10. Why I can't open the saved screen record file?

You must view this kind of file by using a dedicated player we provide. Only the supreme member can get this player. Supreme member please contact us to get it.


11. What's the meaning of "run your program remotely" under the Settings menu?

If you mark this option, then your partner can remotely run on your computer and your files when you are in the file transfer session.


12. why the keyboard input cannot be sent to the other side?

1. If you've blocked your partner's keyboard, your input turns in vain. So you have to unlock it on the top menu.
2. We suggest you use full screen and choose your input type.
3. It requires high connection speed when transferring keyboard's action.


13. I found it difficult to input Chinese on the other side?

We suggest you using full screen, then control the cursor and choose your input type, and do whatever you do on your PC.


14. What's the function of "file manage"?

For the sake of security, you can choose several files or folders that you want to share. By this setting, partner can only access to the files you set to share. This is a security precaution preventing your data from being stolen.


15. What's the function of "autodial"?

If you want your PC to connect to the Internet automatically when your windows stating, you have to set autodial, and mark "start by service" in "Settings". But how it works if your PC is shut down? Here with Netman computer starter (hardware), you can start your computer by dialing an appointed phone number, which enables you to remotely start computer and take control over it.

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