Personal Version:

   This version is primary used to manage your PC remotely so ao to facilitate your remote working, then improve work efficiency. Those downloaded on the Internet are all personal version. With your partner's IP and password, then you are able to see its desktop,start video conversation, manage files and enjoy text message.


Screen Sharing:

You will feel the same as working with your own computer when remotely controlling your partners. You can see directly its screen, master its mouse and keyboard, take pictures and record movements of its screen...[more]

Files Management:

Upload and download files to and from your partners computer, modify file name, create new folders, delete files. With Netman in your computer, you wont need to rush back and forth for the files leaving...[more]
Video Conversation:
Remotely turn on the camera connected to partners computer; remotely monitor and video chat, moreover, record everything that is monitored...[more]
Remote Start/Shutdown:
With Netman Computer Starter (hardware), the only thing you need to do is to dial the phone that is next to this computer then you can start the computer remotely...[more]
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